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Granny Horror Game keeps bringing joy to fans of the unmatched horror genre! The story will plunge you into a tense atmosphere. The hero has been captured by a strange old lady that keeps him hostage in her creepy house. You are going to help him find a way back to freedom. To do that, you need to spend five days in the granny’s company. The main rule is to move quietly and not drop anything. That will make a lot of noise and the granny will hunt you down.

Be as careful as you can, but don’t forget that your ultimate goal is to make an escape from this grim captivity. Don’t make loud noises, otherwise the granny will hear and kill you. Getting away is almost impossible, the developers have prepared plenty of surprises and coolers. You can never know what’s happening behind the next door and how you can defend yourself from the dangers lurking there. You can hide in the closet, but not for too long. There are traps set up around the entire house. Will you be able to outsmart the old wicked woman? Let’s find out!