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Granny Scary Game

Indie horror games have become quite popular after Five Nights at Freddy’s and now you can lay your hands on yet another fascinating title of this genre called Granny. The game puts you into a classic horror movie context. You wake up in an old dark house and have five days to find a way out while staying away from a mysterious creature Granny who keeps you hostage. To escape this grim place, you need to unlock doors using various items scattered around. But make sure you move quietly and hide just in time to avoid the creepy old lady when she makes her appearance!

What instantly absorbs you into the game is the amazing atmosphere. The sinister illumination of the house, the terrifying creaking of the floorboard and the tension that can literally be felt in the air will make you twitch and maybe even yell every time a dangerous situation is looming. Granny herself looks rather scary, especially when she approaches unexpectedly. When that happens, you can either crouch or hide in one of the closets or under a bed. Your quest won’t be easy, you’ll have to start all over again several times before you learn how to act in this house of horrors to stay unnoticed. Hopefully, you’ll be able to make an escape before the ghost gets to you!