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Granny Minecraft

Granny is a stealth horror game where you have to find a way to escape an abandoned house full of dangers and traps. You’ve been locked there by a mad old lady lurking around in a mask of a zombie and swishing her bloody baseball bate to knock your brains out. Be careful not to make a single sound. If Granny hears you, she’ll find you in no time and your only hope is to hide somewhere in the closet or under the bed. The murderer has a sharp ear. Even when she’s far away, she hears everything that happens in her house. That means you have to do everything quietly and carefully. The game challenges you to find a way out of several rooms in order to get to the main door safely barred and locked – your escape to freedom. To do that, you need to discover and use various objects like scissors, screwdrivers, hammers and even melons. Even if they seem totally useless at first, you just need to rack your brain and you’ll definitely find the right way to utilize them for reaching your ultimate purpose.

Granny 1.3 Minecraft : What’s new?

Today we will tell you about a new edition of Granny, version 1.3. In the latest installment, players will get access to a new Minecraft Mode with extreme conditions. There is also an addition location, attic, and a new device you can use in your searches, a battery. With the appearance of the crossbow, the gameplay has become way easier, but let’s see how Granny 1.2 will surprise us.

Many players wonder what will they get after puzzling together the picture. In Easy and Normal modes it simply adds a bonus day. However, in these modes you can complete the game in just one day. To pick up and carry pieces of the picture, you’ll need to throw out the things you have already collected which isn’t that convenient. In the Hard Mode, the location of things has been drastically changed. The hammer, batteries and crossbows can be found in places different from those you are used to. Where you would typically find the blue key, now lies a hammer and so on. The blue key, for its part, can be discovered in three places: in the safe, in the cell where you’ll have to use the screwdriver and in the attic.

Our wicked old lady has evolved an incredible speed. Now she moves even faster than you meaning you won’t probably be able to run away from her if she spots you. Hopefully, the new Hard Mode will thrill you no less than the original version of the game! See if you can beat the upgraded Granny and make your escape from the horror house in the span of five days!