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Granny in Roblox

We all know that old people are prone to all kind of madnesses. Some of them surround themselves with dozens of cats, others start talking to imaginary friends. There are even those that believe they have seen supernatural creatures or have been kidnapped by extraterrestrial. But these cute, peaceful people can hardly compare to Granny in Roblox living in an old grim manor in the end of the street. Nobody knows what’s happening there, but it’s windows are always securely shut and the door never opens. Some say they even heard screams coming out of the house… Who knows, perhaps this mysterious all lady is a maniac keeping her victims locked inside and chasing them around the house with a chainsaw! You never believed those rumors… Until you became the one to wake up in Granny’s home! Now you have to find a way out… or Granny will find you! Can you do it in just five days?

The game is set as a room escape quest in a creepy atmosphere of a stealth horror. You need to explore the vast house looking for items you can use to unlock numerous doors and break out of the manor. Look for instruments and keys hidden in drawers and cabinets, check out bookshelves and wardrobes for secret entrances and try not to make a lot of noise. Granny hears everything that’s happening in her house even if she isn’t anywhere near. If you drop an object or knock over a piece of furniture, you can expect her to show up on the doorstep looking to butcher you with her blood-stained baseball bate. If you don’t want to end up like that, you need to be quiet and extra careful. There are always various traps set all over the house and alarms that will go off if you come near. Watch your step and dash for shelter if you hear the creaking of the floorboard!

The game is available in several mode going from the easiest to hardcore with Granny moving at the speed of light and locks being even harder to pick. The recent update has also introduced a new room, attic, and new weapons you can use to fight off Granny’s attacks. It’s up to you whether you are going to survive and find your way to freedom or die from the hand of the cunning old lady!