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Granny Horror Game

Escape the horror house in five days!

If you ever played Five Nights at Freddy’s, you know what to expect from Granny, a new first-person horror game that made an uproar in the mobile game market. The action takes place in an old abandoned house where you wake up without any clue how you got here and what to do. As you start walking around the room and picking up different objects, you learn that you’ve been trapped inside by a crazy Granny who chases you with a baseball bat. She is very cunning, very alert and she hears every sound. When she first enters the room creeping you out with her zombie mask, you learn that quietness is your friend in this house.

From now on, you need to do everything carefully if you don’t want to end up lying with your brain scattered all over the floor. If you forgot about safety and knocked something over with a shatter, there is still a chance for you to escape the imminent death by hiding in one of the wardrobes or crawling under the bed. By the way, this is also a good way to get aware of the hidden passages and stairways disguised as closet doors and bookshelves. In one of such secret rooms, you can even find weapons to defend yourself! You have a total of five days to collect all the items required to unbar and open the frond door and make an escape from the spooky manor. Otherwise Granny will come for you…

Even more thrill in Hard Mode!

The game is available in several modes. The easiest one minimizes the risks and even gives you an opportunity to gain a bonus day by collecting pieces of the picture. In the Hard Mode, though, things get way rougher. First of all, you’ll find the house to be darker and more dangerous, with less changes of saving yourself if Granny is alerted to your presence and numerous traps scattered around. Granny herself also moves much faster and remembers your last location to take measures in case you show up there once again. There is yet another location for you to explore, the attic, and additional items to use when you get to the final door. The atmosphere is decently creepy making you shudder every time you hear the squeaking of the floor. The gloomy setting of the house, suspenseful music and small details like the number of the days left carved out on the dining table or a dead body you find in the basement add up to the tension. If you appreciate atmospheric horrors that require you to use logic rather than just run and hide, Granny is a must-play for you!