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Granny for PC

Welcome to a new online horror game that challenges you to escape an abandoned house where you are being captured by a crazy old lady! You need to use various items and keys to unlock doors and pass through the rooms while avoiding Granny before she can get close to you. To succeed in the game, you need to combine good stealth skills and strategic thinking. There are a total of five days for you to unlock the securely shut front door and escape the creepy house. Will you be able to make it?

Let’s see what the player has to focus on to find a way out. First of all, there are plenty of objects scattered around the manor. Collecting and using them in a proper way will allow you to solve the riddles left by the developers. Don’t be surprised to find a screwdriver, hammer, cutting pliers and other strange things – you are going to need all of them in piecing together the spooky puzzle of this grim place. Gathering these objects across all of the rooms is essential to dealing with your ultimate task – the main door. The game packs four modes starting from easy where you can get a bonus day to extreme where the home is illuminated dimmer, Granny moves faster than you leaving you less chance of hiding when she’s near and there are also two additional locks on the front door.

By the way, Granny is also endowed with artificial intelligence. She remembers the spots where she saw you and leaves bear traps there. So next time you try to pull of the same trick or take the same path for an escape, watch out – perhaps, there is already a gloomy surprise waiting for you around the corner! Once you are captured in a trap, there is no opportunity to keep moving. This is a sure way for Granny to find and kill you. As you can see, the game is full of dangers and unexpected turnarounds. Those who want their skin to get covered with shivers, Granny is perfect horror game! Discover the secrets of the old house and the freaky old lady before the five nights run out!