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Granny for Android

Maniacs can be different. Sometimes it can even be an old lady you would have never suspected of such things! This wicked old lady enjoys playing with people. She locks them inside her sinister house and gives them an opportunity to make an escape – of course, if they can outsmart her! Our hero is one of Granny’s unlucky victims. He wakes up in a gloomy room and tries to get out, but Granny has locked the door. Your task is to find a way to unlock it without alerting the killer to your presence. If Granny hears you (and she hears very well despite her age!), she will instantly make it to the room and murder you. So move around quietly and try not to drop anything on the floor. Once you get out of the first room, you’ll have to pass through a series of other ones, all to make it to the front door. On your way, you’ll stumble upon multiple puzzles, obstacles and even traps set up by the tricky granny. You have five nights to succeed in your escape mission otherwise the consequences will be grim!