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Granny Escape

Imagine yourself waking up in an unknown place, some spooky house you’ve never been before. You don’t remember how you got here, you have no idea who it belongs to. One thing you know is that it creeps you out and you need to leave it, right now! However, when you try to open the door you discover that it is locked. You need to find the key or pick the lock using the items you find in the room. But there is more to it – every time you make a noise there is a wicked old lady in the mask of a killer attacking you with a bloody baseball bat! Apparently, you’re being captured by a maniac and now it’s a question of life and death whether you can be quiet, alert and agile enough to get out of the house in just five days!

There are plenty of dark, abandoned rooms you need to escape before you can get to the front door. Try not to get into a bear trap laid everywhere around the house and hide quickly when you hear the creaking of the floor board pointing to Granny’s approach! If the crazy old lady discovers you, she will smash your brains against the walls! Moreover, she’ll be setting traps in places where she last saw you, so it’s in your best interest to stay undiscovered as long as possible. Plunge into the atmosphere of your favorite horror movies and see if you can make your way out!