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Granny Chapter 2

Didn’t you have enough fear and adrenaline boosts in the first part of Granny? Well, chances are that you can never get enough of good fright, especially if you are horror games fan. If so, then you are lucky to find this page because we have something really exclusive for you. This is the second part of one of the most popular and widely-accepted horror games in the world. It is hard to imagine something creepier than being locked inside of the old dull mansion. However, what about some really cool twist? You are not alone here, friend, there is someone else. And this is a monster from hell. Her name is Granny.

In the game, you will have to do your best and fix the strange situation you are in. Granny don’t let you leave her house. It is hard to explain why, maybe she doesn’t have any reasons for that. She doesn’t look and behave like human, so it is really hard to understand her motives. Is she a real woman who has a terrible destiny and now wants to have a revenge killing innocent children? Or maybe she is an evil spirit who finds pleasure in torturing people? Or maybe you were locked inside of this place because your life was far from perfect and this is something like a punishment for your sins? You won’t know anything about that. And what is more – you don’t have time for that. There is a couple of days for you to find your way out of this place. If you can do that – congratulations, you will survive. If you cannot – well, too bad, but Granny will definitely tear you in pieces. You need to invent some ideas that will help you go away. The doors are locked and you need to get a key to open them. Sounds simple, but you cannot do that so easily. The rooms here are endless and you will have to check each one, open every wardrobe and shelf, before you find a saving key. Granny will try to catch you wherever you go. You need to avoid her because her appearance in the same room means that in a second you will be dead and the game will end. You don’t have too many chances as well as you don’t have too much time – it is limited and if you cannot do everything fast and correctly, you will die. Good luck.