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Granny 2

Ever since its debut in December, the new horror game called Granny 2 new part has become a hot trend. Its popularity is growing by the day and the recent update introduced new rooms in the house, additional weapons and the notorious Hard Mode that challenges you to make an escape from the old lady’s creepy manor with even less chances of success. If you are playing this game for the first time, you may find it tough to figure out where to search for the needed items and how to accomplish tasks at hand before Granny gets aware of your location and comes for you with a baseball bat. If you still struggle to break free in the short five days allotted to you by developers, here are a few tips you may find useful.

The Granny’s manor consists of three levels: upstairs, ground floor and basement. Following various stairways, you will find yourself in different rooms. When moving around the house, keep in mind that it is designed in a circular manner meaning you can typically transit from one room to another using inside doorways or connected outer halls. You’ll start each day in the Bedroom upstairs. There is a wardrobe where you can hide if Granny comes near and a dresser where you find items that you are going to need if you hope to unlock another door. Make suer to search every drawer and cabinet in the house in case you discover something useful. Some furniture may also contain hidden doorways. For instance, you can enter the Weapons Room through what seems to be a mere bookshelf. When investigating the house, be careful not to knock down any items. Granny is very alert, if she hears any noise, she’ll appear on the doorstep and you’ll have to restart all over again! The antagonist also remembers where she last saw you and sets bear traps, so don’t hope you can pull off the same trick twice. Try to outplay the cunning old lady and find your way out of this horror house before she finds you!