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Locked and chased

Fans of Five Nights at Freddy’s and games of the sort will be glad to find out there is a new title on the market to try! The Granny horror game is considered to be one of the most atmospheric and challenging stealth horror and escape room games that have ever been launched. While the original version was already tough enough, developers have recently released an update adding even more rooms, hidden passage ways and new weapons along with the extremely difficult Hard Mode. Your goal is to break out of an abandoned house where you’re being kept by a crazy old lady wearing a zombie mask and lurking around with a baseball bate. You have five days to accomplish this task collecting different items, finding keys and unlocking a multitude of doors before you can get a shot at the front door, safely barred and wired to an alarm system, that promises you a way to freedom. Can you do it with a blood-thirsty killer breathing down your neck? Let’s find out!


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So, the game begins… You wake up on the floor of Granny’s bedroom. You vaguely remember being trapped here by a mad old woman and you obviously need to escape, now. But that’s not going to be that easy. Granny has a very good ear and hears every sound. If you make too much noise, she’ll find where you are and catch you off guard. Every time she hunts you down, the game will start over, so be careful and try to move quietly. Dropping stuff and knocking over the furniture can be fatal to you, everything should be done very carefully. To make an escape, you need to accomplish a set of tasks. After that, you will be able to successfully handle all the security objects barring the main door and turn off the alarm. So how exactly should you act to outsmart Granny and break out of her grim house before five days run out?


  • Move around quietly. Use the white circle on the left of the screen.
  • Look around before entering a room. Granny can be waiting for you anywhere. Before doing your move, swipe around the screen to make sure there is nothing threatening you.
  • Look into drawers and cabinets, pick up objects. You never know what you are going to need the next minute. Hammer, cutting pliers, screwdrivers, cogwheel… Check the contents of every drawer or cabinet in the house. There is even a melon packing a key inside that you can extract using the guillotine in the yard! To interact with items, center the white dot on the object you want to use. If you can pick it up, you will see a hand in the upper corner of the screen. Sometimes you’ll see a different icon hinting at how you can interact with the item. At the bottom of the screen, there is also the word Drop you need to tap if you want to drop what you’re holding.
  • Hide to avoid danger. If Granny is near, you can avoid certain death by hiding in the closet or under the bed. Be quick before she sees you!
  • Search for secret passages and stairways. They can be disguised as a mere bookshelf!
  • Crouch to stay unnoticed. In the left corner of the screen, there is an icon of a person. By tapping it, you can switch from standing to crouching to sneak under Granny’s very nose.

Try the Hard Mode!

Those thinking that it all sounds rather easy can try the new Hard Mode just released by the developer. The pack introduces a new room, the attic, additional items that should be used to unbolt the front door and a series of weapons to fend off Granny’s attacks. However, don’t think it is going to help you beat the wicked old woman in a wink of an eye! She is going to become even faster leaving you almost no chance of escaping her once she spots you. And don’t even hope to get a bonus day by piecing together a picture on the wall!

Granny is an amazing game with a stunning atmosphere, decent visuals and suspenseful music. Great attention to details, the spirit of mystery and of course a strong horror element make it a perfect option for diversifying your leisure and spending a fascinating couple of hours feeling like the heroes of your favorite scary movies!